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A Fresh Start, New Perspectives: Navigating Change & Embracing Opportunities

As we step into the new year, I like many people spend the first few weeks establishing what my vision for my personal and professional life will become. This often includes creating a vision board, setting intentions and creating new habits to ensure I am setting myself up for success to meet my goals.

I believe it is important for leaders to do some sort of "visioning" about what they want to achieve, who they will support and what support they require (hint: we aren't meant to know it all) as well as goals that will add to your being, and not require a ton of your time and energy.

This year, I am focusing on reducing the amount of consumption in my life. I don't mean consumption of goods, more about services of others and absorption of new information. I love learning, and one of my goals is to read a book a month so this statement even as I write it seems counterintuitive. I love to read. PERIOD. I want to read a book a month for the love of reading, not so that I can learn a ton of new information that ends up making me feel overwhelmed and results in me never putting this new information into motion.