In-Person & Online Programs

Reclaiming Your Brand Story

A 1-2 day workshop for any organization that has been or is in the process of going through PR challenges. This workshop will help you reclaim your brand story, attract and retain clients/customers and support employees through uncertain times.

Group Facilitation & Coaching

​When conflict is present, it can be helpful to have an external perspective to assist with encouraging active listening and effective communication.


Even the most respectful and high-functioning teams will experience challenges.


Conflict is healthy and not damaging to teams until it becomes disrespectful, bullying tactics emerge and the team does not have supports in place to work through the challenge. ​

Facilitation sessions will help teams identify the root causes of discord, establish expectations and how to find solutions within the team. The team will be provided tools to manage conflict into the future.

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Personal 1:1 Coaching

Learn tools that will define your personal purpose to be in alignment with the purpose of your organization.

Discover communication strategies that include active listening that builds trust. Build your confidence to share a compelling vision for the future of your workplace.

Utilize tools that will develop your greatest strengths and empowers you and those you lead to make a difference and drive action.

Implement self-care resources that will help you remain focused and energized while building resiliency and decreasing stress.