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I am a daughter, wife, step-mom, dog mama and Registered Nurse. 


I support individuals and organizations struggling with how to prioritize human connections over bottom lines. I combine mindfulness and building self-mastery in leaders to bring humanity back to the workplace so individuals can find joy in their work, and create workplaces that people never want to leave. 

I believe that we have made leadership far more complicated than it needs to be. At it’s core, leadership is an exchange of energy between two people.


Leaders must learn how their own lived experiences impact the way that they hold space for others and their ability to create a safe container where people feel welcome and supported.

After 25 years of clinical, operations and facilitator/educator experience I developed my own approach to creating psychologically healthy workplaces that relieves leaders of their moral distress and feelings that things will never get better within a dysfunctional workplace.

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The P.E.R.S.O.N Centred Leadership Approach™ prevents crisis leadership and builds a dedicated company culture which transforms workplaces into those that your people will never want to leave. 

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