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A Healthy Workplace Is Within Reach

Creating Workplaces That

People Never Want To Leave


Are You Ready For A Change? 

Meet Michele

Committed To Bringing Humanity

To The Workplace & Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces


I am a daughter, wife, step-mom, dog mama and Registered Nurse. 


I support individuals and organizations modernize their leadership approach so they can improve employee engagement in addition to the bottom line while creating workplaces that people never want to leave. I know it's possible because I've created an approach that works!

I believe that we have made leadership far more complicated than it needs to be. At it’s core, leadership is an exchange of energy between two people.


It is essential for leaders to learn how their own lived experiences impact the way they hold space for others and their ability to create a safe container where people feel welcome and supported.

After 25 years of clinical, operations and facilitator/educator experience I developed my own approach to creating psychologically healthy workplaces that relieves leaders of their moral distress and feelings that things will never get better within a dysfunctional workplace.

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The P.E.R.S.O.N Centred Leadership Approach™ prevents crisis leadership and builds a dedicated company culture which transforms workplaces into those where people thrive.

Let's make your tomorrow better than today!


What I Specialize In


Human Connections


The Power of Words


Creating Psychologically 

Safe Workplaces


Setting Boundaries & People Pleasing


Stress & Moral Distress/Injury

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Let's Reshape Your

Workplace Culture


Begin Your Journey Today.

Michele formatted a customized training session to address the gaps identified in our long term care homes. She then delivered the sessions at each home and had excellent feedback from all participants. Michele is a very knowledgeable, professional and an engaging facilitator. We will continue to work with Michele to develop additional training as needs arise. Highly recommended!

- Matt Cooper

Michele has been an insightful and truly valuable contributor to our Shared Care initiative task group, among other healthcare projects at our non-profit organization. As a consultant, Michele brings years of frontline healthcare experience together with sharp analytical skills, administrative expertise and a collaborative approach to drive solutions forward. Our organization continues to seek out Michele's services and I would highly recommend Michele for work in long term care and related spaces.

- Veronica de Jong

This program taught me that you have to set a priority to take care of yourself and set appropriate boundaries. Michele is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. When you state a problem-she is quick to give you step-by-step to help with said concern.

- Christy W. 

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