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Supporting individuals as well as organizations of all sizes who are ready to challenge the status quo and approach leadership with innovative strategies so that everyone thrives. People leave organizations most often to escape poor leadership, not for more money! High turnover may be a sign that your company culture and core values of your people are not in alignment.

When leaders do not recognize how their lived experiences impact how they hold space for others it creates a feeling of disconnection, frustration and dysfunction. Making small shifts in how you create a safe space for others is the fastest way to build trust, is sustainable and requires no additional tools to implement.

Leading authentically so that you feel aligned and empowered is within reach. I'm here to show you how to start today!


Ambassador Program: To express our gratitude and support of Curis Consulting, all new client referrals will receive a thank you reimbursement valued at 10% of the total cost of purchased services. 

The Lead From Within Online Program

Leading From Within. An 8 week interactive and self-reflective leadership program for leaders who have a strong desire to create healthy workplaces where shared values lead to exceptional outcomes. 

This program is for emerging and experienced leaders who want to embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery. You will peel back layers of your personal emotions and situational responses. The exploration of self will allow you to have a deeper understanding of P.E.R.S.O.N. Centred Leadership™ and the actions that will support individuals with empathy and purpose. Through self-reflection exercises, active participation in peer networks and personal coaching, you will be challenged to expand your current way of leading.

Learn how to create an environment where individuals thrive, feel valued and who trust you.

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