Leadership & Human Connections

My goal is to help create the next generation of leaders who are committed and value the importance of returning humanity to the workplace through meaningful human connections. 

This program is intended to help organizations and professionals find joy in their work again while creating healthy workplaces that cultivate belonging so that people never want to leave. Sounds pretty awesome, right? If this resonates with you, be brave and join the program. You can make the difference in someone's life - you are the leader they have been waiting for!


I believe we have made leadership more complicated than it needs to be - it's an exchange of energy!


Yup, I promise that's all there is to it!! 

The Lead From Within Online Program

Leading From Within. An 8 week interactive and self-reflective leadership program for leaders who have a strong desire to create healthy workplaces where shared values lead to exceptional outcomes. 

This program is for emerging and experienced leaders who want to embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery. You will peel back layers of your personal emotions and situational responses. The exploration of self will allow you to have a deeper understanding of P.E.R.S.O.N. Centred Leadership™ and the actions that will support individuals with empathy and purpose. Through self-reflection exercises, active participation in peer networks and personal coaching, you will be challenged to expand your current way of leading.

Learn how to create an environment where individuals thrive, feel valued and who trust you.

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What Clients Say

I love that all materials were accessible via email for independent learning and that updates and news/notices are posted through social media. I love your energy and you are a good facilitator-flexible, easy going, and available to answer questions. Overall, a very good course - I am enjoying it immensely - content easy to understand, assignments straight forward and all the resources and support is available at my finger tips - thank you kindly. 

- Janet E. 

I believe in supporting other small businesses that align with one of my core values of giving back to community. This year, we have selected Backpack Buddies, Toonies For Tummies and SAINTS animal rescue who will receive donations from a portion of our annual sales.